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Receipt, aal I need!


Receipt, aal I need!

I do not understand why Paypal will not email me a receipt for a payment that they acknowledge I made just last week. I could get a $407.00 refund if only Paypal would cooperate and mail me a receipt. It is not like I am asking for something that I have no business asking for. I pay my Paypal account on time and never over charge, I am totally confused, I really want my $407.00 refund but Paypal refuses the receipt and what is worse they won't tell me why!


Re: Receipt, aal I need!

Go online to your account, find the transaction, click on "detail" and print it out. Voila' - your receipt. Or at least a record of the completed transaction, which is all Paypal has, and which is valid for proof of the completed transaction.


Paypal doesn't have anything that they could send you that is different from what you can print out, and it is no less valid because you printed it than because Paypal printed it and mailed it to you.


If it is something that you bought - say, at for example - it is who has the receipt, not Paypal. Most online merchants have a place where you can log in and reprint a receit - or they sent you a copy of the receipt in email which is also just as valid.