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I used to use ProFlowers to order flowers online UNTIL TODAY! I just found out that ProFlowers "partners" with Easy Saver Rewards and Free Shipping to steal money from their customers by way of pop up offers while you are ordering flowers. When I ordered flowers in May, I specifically remember rejecting this offer, but Pro Flowers charged by PayPal account 3 times for $14.95 each over the last 4 months WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION! PayPal should block any orders from "Easy Saver Rewards" and "Free Shipping" because they are schemes to defraud customers. I'll never buy from ProFlowers again. I closed my account. What worries me is that PayPal allowed the charge to go through.

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Re: and Easy Saver Rewards

I am trying to order flowers from ProFlowers and found those popups saying I qualify for free shipping for orders over $39.  I declined the offer and went to checkout.  There I had another problem with ProFlowers trying to pay with PayPal and came across your entry about ProFlowers.  Even though ProFlowers has really discounted flowers it seems that you are only a click away from opening up Pandora's Box.  Thank you for your post.  I'm looking elsewhere for Mother's Day flowers. 


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Good Idea to look elsewhere. ProFlowers is on my delete list.  I like Calyx and Corolla: They are more expensive, but the floral bouquets are the pretties ones you can find online and they last forever. Plus they don't trick you into signing up for monthly fees for "free" shipping.

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Re: and Easy Saver Rewards

This is part of a quasi-scam scheme that's been investigated by the US Senate.


What's happened is that you have a recurring payments permission in your Paypal account that lets them take this money out each month.  You need to remove the permission.  Here's how;


Login to your PayPal account, click on the "Profile" tab and then select the "Recurring Payments" and the "Preapproved Payments" links.


Find the offending payment and remove it.