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Pending payments, and how to see them.

Ok, so i am selling my old Blackberry, and the buyer is paying me through paypal (obviously), he sent me the money, but I got an email from PayPal saying I need to give them the Shipping Tracking Number before they can actually put the funds through,. Which is fine, my question is, how/ where do I go to see my "pending" payments for incoming funds?


I want to make sure, that I am getting paid the full amount before I ship it.

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Re: Pending payments, and how to see them.

First check the "hold" policy as this page explains how that works.   As for seeing the funds, if Account say pending, unfortunately you can't actually see the funds as they have not been released to you.






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Re: Pending payments, and how to see them.

What I was told at the post office was everyone was trying to rip off the govt. so they allow paypal to hold the money and be the middle once you go and ship it get the number to give to them to look it up and put ins. on your phone for the amount your selling it...example,,,i just sent a ring to a lady for 3000  so I had to pay 12.95 to insure it for 3000...she will have to wait 7-10 bus. days to receive the ring....but thats how they are shipping now...