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Pending money, How can I get mine out???????????


Pending money, How can I get mine out???????????

Ive read the horror stories on here about ebay sellers getting the shaft when it comes to getting thier money. Im hoping that this isnt the case, but slowly and ever so surely its starting to look this way.

I sold my item on 01-21-10. It took the buyer a full week to pay(01-27-10), then he demanded NOW SHIPPING. The item was shipped as soon as he confirmed his shipping address. To date I have a 100% feedback rating and work very hard to keep it. I contacted him as soon as the auction was over. One time before payment was ever made, 3 times after shipping and now twice since the item has been delivered. In this time I have received 2 e-mails from the buyer(SHIP MY ITEM and EXACTLY WHEN will my item get here). The buyer will not leave my feedback so I can get my money out of PENDING.

Is there another way? Its been over two weeks since the item sold and Im sitting here out of $154.99. Ive tried to send paypal e-mails but before I can get a simple email typed and sent my time expires and I loose what Ive done. Getting very frustrated here! Please tell me this JERK buyer isnt going to walk away with my $150+ dollar item.