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Paypal offer of ZERO interest for 6-12-18 months on purchases....

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Paypal offer of ZERO interest for 6-12-18 months on purchases....

Does anyone know how to take advantage of this Zero % interest rate offer when making ebay purchases?  I have an item I would like to buy and only willing to buy with this card if I know I am getting this offer?


Has anyone taken advantage of this offer?



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Re: Paypal offer of ZERO interest for 6-12-18 months on purchases....

I haven't seen this specific offer, but I pursued a similar one by way of applying for an "eBay Mastercard."  Please be aware that signing up for an eBay Mastercard promotion (e.g., 0% interest for 6 months or 10% off your first purchase of $299 or more) does not equate to being approved for a PayPal buyer credit account -- even though the eBay Mastercard promotion insinuates that the Mastercard account will be managed through your PayPal account. 


I applied for the eBay Mastercard, was "approved" for a $1000 credit limit, agreed to the terms, and was redirected to PayPal.  Unsure about what had occurred, I called PayPal to verify that the eBay Mastercard promotional terms applied to the PayPal buyer credit account (which I was suspect of, given that I had never heard reference to a "PayPal buyer credit account" previously).  They did NOT. 


Apparently what had happened was a classic switcheroo, in that the "approval" I received after the 30 second online application process was actually for the PayPal buyer credit account, NOT the eBay Mastercard under the specified terms.  Admittedly, I was remiss in realizing that the "terms agreement" (which I accepted, yes) of the approved account were applicable to a PayPal buyer credit account and not an eBay Mastercard, but the events leading up to that were so seamless that I didn't actually know I HADN'T been approved for the eBay Mastercard for which I'd applied.  In other words, I was never told that I wasn't approved for the eBay Mastercard and was effectively duped into thinking I had been, when I was really approved for a $1000 PayPal buyer credit under PayPal's interest rates/terms.


Perhaps I was a bit too hasty or naive during the process, but it seems as though there were some underhanded tactics at play here that could easily confuse or misdirect anyone.  Just be cautious and aware of what you're signing up for.  Granted, I'm not in any sort of predicament, other than I now have a buyer credit with PayPal that I'll never use and feel a bit sheepish, but this is an unnecessary circumstance that could've been avoided by a simple notification from eBay that I was NOT APPROVED for the Mastercard for which I applied (which is where the process would normally have stopped), rather than approved for an account that I had absolutely no interest in.