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Paypal Vendor Problem

New Community Member

Paypal Vendor Problem

Paypal Vendor "Discount Diabetic Sock Store" seems to be a total scam. They have both a facebook and Twitter page with nothing but negative messages on these sites. I placed an order back in middle of January and still nothing. It takes an average of 6 messages to possibly receive some sort of response.


The one response I did receive back on February 25th, 2010 was "Hello Alan,

     I apologize for the delay in responding to you. The Jobst socks are currently on back order. We expect to receive them early next week. We have been in touch with the manufacturer and they assured us that we would have them  next week. We thank you for your patience."


I have sent another 3 messages including a new one tonight.


Does anyone out there have any information about this company? Has Paypal hopefully suspended their account?


Re: Paypal Vendor Problem

Watch out for these scammer as well    Bargaincds


There are a ton of people running around the web selling so called Retail Cd's and Dvd's of music and show, as well as movies. They advertise them as legit real discs, factory sealed and all. But when you receive them they are platent copies off an original disc. Some have paper labels, some have nothing but a hand written word or two on them. Some even come in a case but with no inner jacket, some only come in a paper sleeve and nothing else.

I have twice bought so called Real Legitimate Discs only to find they are bootlegged sold for a profit. This is not legal as far as I know, unless something has changed and no one wants royalties anymore.

If you contact the seller about said being copied you will get a long line of garbage and stupidity as to why they feel its perfectly fine to copy and sell someone's work. These are the same people who would steal your ideas and sell as their own.


On both occasions I was told I got my item so deal with it. Or return it under sellers demands, which meant I was out the copied illegal disc and postage both to and from the bad seller. They still got money for selling someone else's hard work.


So my question is, Does PayPal stand behind such practices or just overlooks them as its no skin off their nose if some one sells fake Cd's and Discs.


I have turned both sellers over to the proper authorities so they can deal with said sellers as they will.

I will not support fraud and I will do the proper thing even if some just turn their heads to it,