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Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?


Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

Has anyone thought of the reasons WHY paypal is doing the holds?

If a buyer paid for an item and without a hold the seller could and have taken the money and ran. The buyer then gets NO otem and Paypal was left to foot the refund. This happened ALOT in the past. I think Paypal did a great think by stopping a bunch of these scammers from doing this with the holds.


And not shipping an item before 21 days is only setting the sellers up for diputes. If I buy something it had better ship within a few days of me paying or I will start a dispute.Also if I receive an email from a seller stating why - frankly I will not care and I would reply the the seller to ship my item or I will start an INR. There are many many ebayers that feel the same as I do


Sellers are only hurting themselves and your selling on ebay will be short lived if you follow that horrible advise.

But hey - its your selling do what you need to do.


As sellers we all need to make sure you have shipping funds available incase of a hold. You always get the money back when your funds are released.



Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

You must be there moderator. I have a 100% positive rating at ebay. I communicate with all my buyers. some don't even leave feedback (they must not understand about reputation). eBay and PayPal secure they money immediately. Thy should wait into buyer and seller are satisfied to get their cut. That would be fairer to all at stakes. I guess payplay/ebay don't like losing money. they would have so much if it wasn't for us. I have all my item notified thank to the trust ebay/paypal have earned from me. Carry that back, Mr. Moderator!


Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

BRINZEN - I am NOT affiliated with Paypal in anyway except for being a paypal user just like yourself.


Not all sellers hate the hold thing. If you have ever been scammed then you may welcome all the attempts

that ebay, paypal, amazon and every other site out there does to try cut it down.


If you want to blame someone for this hold issue - thank all the scam sellers that 'sold' something, got the money then emptied their paypal accounts never to be heard from again. Those are the idiots that are to blame.


Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

point well taken. I dislike seller taking advantage as well as buyer taken advantage. Those of us who have good intention suffer because of the wrong doers. But PayPay/eBay should find a better solution to satisfy all parties. I sold an item last week  monday. tuesday it ship and the buyer had it on thursday. i contact him several time via email thanking him for bidding and winning bid, infoming him that as a courtesy i will track item till receive.  !today has been 8 days and i have not heard from him. he's enjoying my item, while i have 13 more days for him to mess up the item a request the money be return or to see if he remembers to leave feedback. look at my perfect 100% feedback!


Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

Hi Brinzen,


If you have a tracking or delivery confirmation online from a third party shipping company, you can add that information to the transaction and your funds can be released before 21 days have passed.


To learn more check here:



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Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

I've entered the tracking information for each item that has a payment held.  It's been 3 days since delivery...why haven't the payments been released yet?  The 3-day hold after delivery needs to be stated on PayPal's website. 

                 It's not. 

Customer service told me it's on Ebay's website... what?!! 

Is that even legal not to disclose the full amount of time required to hold a payment and then not even release the funds when the terms say it will be released??!!


Re: Payment has been on hold after i shipped package?

Follow these steps to remove “payment holds” from your account (please note if your item has not been delivered these steps will not work).

1)      Log-in to paypal and click ‘help’ (located at the top right corner of the site)

2)      Then click on ‘Contact Us’ (located at the bottom right corner of the site)

3)      Directly under the title ‘Email Us’ is a link labeled ‘Send us’, click this link.

4)      Fill this in with the appropriate info (don’t go into detail on your issue at this time, just vaguely create a sentence that sums up your problem)

5)      Afterwards you will receive an email that’s labeled something like this ‘Auto-Response Payment Status  (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) ppk1’ from the a specific email address (i'm not allowed to post the exact address on these forums for some reason) .

6)      Reply to this address and give this information:

     a)      Paypal transaction ID #

     b)      Shipping provider (UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc.)

     c)       Tracking # for the item

     d)      And then describe in full detail the situation of your transaction.

7)      If you’ve met Paypal’s requirements for hold release, then they will lift the payment holds.

You may have to do this per transaction.

Hope this helps - Dan