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PayPal to Macedonia


PayPal to Macedonia

Hi to all People. I want to buy things online but PayPal is not in Macedonia. When it will be in Macedonia?

I would like to tell that Macedonia is independent country since long time and we have good banks in here.

I can buy things online but from some other sites like amazon , nike , etc....but eBay no!!!

Most of people on eBay use Paypal , and when it comes to paying I cannot! Very difficult for me and us.

What is the progress of Paypal on resolving this matter to us ? Is there any progress? Or not?

We really want to hear details from Paypal. Is paypal working on resolving this? We in macedonia don't know anything since PayPal started to work. We really appreciate to hear something!

Volunteer Advisor

Re: PayPal to Macedonia

Unfortunately you won't get a definitive answer to your question via the forum.   It's just the way the corporation operates.







Re: PayPal to Macedonia

There is no other way where can I contact them. Their support center to call, you need to have verified account !


Where Can I contact them ?


There should be somewhere somebody to speak with....?!?!?!?