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PayPal Scam

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PayPal Scam

Hello, I have recently been the target of a scam, and need assistance. So I am selling an Xbox 360 on Ebay and on my post I put my email account which at the time was my email account for paypal, but I have changed it recently. This guy offers me $750 dollars for my item and then with out my permission just sent it to my paypal. I don't actually have the money that he supposable sent and I am not going to send my item to him because its very obvious that he is a scammer. I told him that if he wants it than he should make a bid on ebay and is now threatening me to accuse me as a scammer to paypal for not sending the item to him, but I haven't received any money yet. If he really did send money to me, can't he just take it back? 

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Re: PayPal Scam

He does sound like a scammer.


Likely, an actual payment was never made - he just sent you a fake email telling you that he paid.


If you got an email from Paypal that you have money and can't find the payment, forward a copy of the email to and they'll tell you for sure if it's a fake.


Then he can threaten all he wants.


I'd BLOCK HIM from bidding as well using this link;


No sense in letting him mess up your auction as well.