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PayPal PRO Questions


PayPal PRO Questions



Just a couple of quick questions.


1.) We have PayPal Standard, how do we upgrade to PRO? Or do we need to open a new account for Pro?


2.) We have 2 websites running under the same business name,  just different website names. Can both of these websites be run under one PRO account?


3.) What is the checkout process like for PRO? For the customers that do not like paypal, isnt the PRO supposed to get around this so it does not appear that they are paying with paypal??


4.) what are the advantages over using PRO as to a regular online payment credit card processor/gateway? Some say PayPal Pro is more expensive???


Thank you,




Re: PayPal PRO Questions

Hello Cindy,

1. To upgrade to Pro call: 1-866-836-1648

2. Yes, you add each business email address to your PayPal account.

3. Yes, if the customer chooses to pay via credit card, they will stay on your web site for the whole transaction (as long as your shopping cart software is set up correctly using the PayPal API).

4. Advantages... ease of integration, can accept PayPal account or credit card, good rates, fraud protection, etc.

Below are some additional links to help you out.



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