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PayPal Account Suspended

I received this NOTIFICATION from Paypal that if they had not received my CONFIRMATION within 48 hours that my account were to be SUSPENDED! Never done ANYTHING outside of their rules! That is the thanks I get for running ALL of my internet transactions through PAYPAL??


Love your approach, **bleep**!

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Re: PayPal Account Suspended

Hi bootspur,


Have you logged into your PayPal account to see if there were any requests for information? It may be that the email you received is fake. Forward it to to confirm.


Also, learn more about fake emails in the PayPal Security Center here:



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txsongbird1964 New Community Member
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Re: PayPal Account Suspended

I received a similar email stating my account would be suspended if I did not respond by April 1.  I was instantly suspicious and did not use the link provided.  I have forwarded it to for their review.

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surplusdealdude Volunteer Advisor
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Re: PayPal Account Suspended

Both of those emails will be fakes - I get several a day sometimes.


The objective is to panic you into using the link in the email to signin to your account on a fake Paypal page, which gives your account name and password to a scammer.


NEVER sign in to your Paypal account from an email link.


And, to make your Paypal account bullet-proof, visit the security center in your Paypal account and buy one of their security keys for $5.  It puts a separate, randomly-generated numerical password on your account that changes every 30 seconds and cannot be hijacked, even if the scammer has your password.

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