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PO Box address verification doesn't work

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PO Box address verification doesn't work

I want to withdraw PayPal funds via check, or create a PayPal debit card, but a check or PP debit card cannot be sent to a PO box. I understand and accept that.


However, my bank credit card goes to my PO box, so when the system attempts to verify my physical mailing address (for the check or debit card) with my credit card's PO box address, it just tells me over and over that I can't use a PO box - even though this is supposedly just for verification.



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Re: PO Box address verification doesn't work

Wow! I've had SEVERAL similar problems. For example, I tried to sign in to my pp account (which i hadn't used since I set it up months ago) I couldn't sign in, for whatever reason. I call customer service, the idiot told me I didn't have an account, she searched my name, and email. Whatever I knew I did, wasn't gonna argue. I hung up, created a new one, only takes minutes. I attempted to link my card...... it told me a card could ONLY be used with one account and it was linked to another. I was floored, thought someone was using my card to use pp. WELL, I called back, she found my original account using the card #. OMG! So now had 2, one I couldn't use U can imagine my frustration, not my 1st problem over the years. I had an account for years,.... never really used it. I received spoof emails about 10-15 times a day, one hacker got into my account. PP caught it (IP address conflict) and froze my account, changed all my info, they sent me a security key, THEY STILL GOT IN. I cancelled and started all over again. Now, the email address i used for pp and for ebay were different. my ebay email I've had for 12 years or so. NEVER received a spoof. one month after I used ebay here they came. Ebay assured me it was unrelated. I didn't think so. They GOT IN, listed a $50,000. car. PAYPAl is an ebay company, they share some info, and they DO give out your info OR hackers CAN get into their secure systems. I had to change ALL my accounts (checking, savings, credit/debit) and my email, usernames....... pain in the rear! Please be careful. I never opened ONE spoof email, always knew and forwarded them along. Anyways, I used as diff address to verify my accounts. didnt even use the billing address (my old adress). 1st try your physical address. If that doesn't work dont waste any more frustration or time call customer service 1-Login, Click "Contact Us", Click "Customer Service Center" Hope this helps