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Old Dispute Help


Old Dispute Help

I have three installment payments that I sent to a seller who was being commissioned to work on a book after I had won an auction for said book. They agreed to take installments, and when I started asking if I could see photos of the progress (or photos to simply prove work was being done) three payments in, they began making excuses and avoiding the issue. I was continually assured I would be shown photos but that 'something had come up', forcing me to wait and also forcing me to be outside of the time limit for a dispute claim. They have repeatedly offered me a refund but for many months now have ignored or responded to my emails by saying it's coming; well, it never did.


I'm wondering if circumstances like the seller forcing you to wait after you make payments on an item to even see the item and know if it is extant are enough to allow a dispute past the eligibility date. I have al the email records.

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