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Join me in reporting Paypal's abuse to European Commissioner and Consumer Protection Associations

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Join me in reporting Paypal's abuse to European Commissioner and Consumer Protection Associations

If there are frustrated Paypal users looking for a way to report Paypal's abuse to your EU Consumer Commissioner and all its associations such as Bureau Européen des Unions des Consommateurs (BEUC), please let me know. I have been severely abused by Paypal and I am writing a letter to submit. Anyone why has problem with them can have the letter and if you'd like, add your name and case on there. Paypal thinks that they can sit on the money of people for 180 days and we will find it too much trouble to fight them. Now we will send in all the complaints together.

My Paypal account has been put under limitation with over 1000,00 euros in it. There was absolutely no transparency regarding why they did this to me. When I asked, they said it was because I have not used the account much before and then all the new activities picked up, that raised their concern. I thought the point of having an account was to use it.

They asked me to provide photo ID, bank statement. Then I did.

Instead of lifting the limitation, they asked for more: all emails back and forth between me and buyers in eBay (this was unbelievable), all transaction details, all invoices from my suppliers (they want to know when and where I acquired things, suppliers' address, the price I paid, anything) I did not know what to do. I still trusted that if I provided everything, they would lift the limit. They did not.

All these, please note that I had zero complaints from buyers in eBay. I'm not a professional at all. I just sold 4 things in the past few months. I had tracking IDs.

Before, I thought that Paypal is like a bank so I treated it like a bank. I never took my money out, just let it sit there. That was a mistake.

Paypal told me today that the invoices were not satisfactory to them. They asked for all these documents, which were "reviewed" by Paypal, NOT a third unbiased party. If Paypal decided that the documents were not satisfactory, they get to keep your cash for 180 days. Time value of money. If they decide otherwise, you can have access to your account. What do you think would be the decision? Paypal deciding in its own favor. Is that surprising?

How is that fair to consumers? I also learned that it is at Paypal's complete discretion to "reverse" your fund into their control at any point in time. There is no time limit. The transaction could have happened 10 years ago. If Paypal wants, they can "reverse" your money.

There is no transparency. Worst comes to worst. They will tell you "didn't you read the agreement?" I think it's time the EU obligates Paypal to make it clear for ALL consumers that Paypal is NOT a bank. It does NOT play by the rules. The access to your own account is NOT guaranteed. Paypal's actions need no explanation.

I am preparing a petition to be sent to Consumer Protection association and the EU commissioners. Those who have been hurt by them should unite. The next consumer should not fall into their prey like we did. They should be hold accountable for their abusive actions to their customers.

Please email olivier.kidman[at]gmail[dot]com for more details.

I will send the document to you and you can send it on your own to the associations and commissioners. If many people want it, when I finish, I will try to post it online so anyone can download, print out, put your name on it and mail it as you'd like. I will find all the addresses for you as well. Whoever has a way for the complaints to go to the Press is welcome to use it.

Thank you very much.




**I'm using my friend's account to log in.  If your account is "limited" by Paypal, they don't even let you come in here to reveal their abuse.  A dirty tactic if I ever see one.  We are now fear that they will go after my friend for letting me post here***

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Re: Join me in reporting Paypal's abuse to European Commissioner and Consumer Protection Association

I concur with you. I too am using a firends account to leave this post. After performing 6 transactions in 10 days, PayPal put alimitation on my account. First they asked for Invoices and receipts and supplier contact information. All of which I promptly provided. Once that was all accepted, wala, they now wanted 5 more things, Driver's license, social security number, utility bill, new security questions, and a change of password. I promptly did all of these things and PayPal accepted then and then followed up by telling me they were closing my account due to "Suspicious Activity". That is the only reason they would provide and they told me they are holding my funds of $1,614 for 180 days.

I have no negative feedback on ebay. All transactions were shipped using UPS with tracking information entered into PayPal. Every customer has left me positive feedback. I provided PayPal with everything they asked for.

What the F? Where do they get off doing this to me? I don't understand? It makes no sense.

They can't really just be wanting to hold my money for 6 months when they would make much more off of me if they allowed me to continue to sell on ebay. I am so puzzled an angry by this.