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Is there any way to test my Buy Now button without purchasing my product?

I have created a button and installed it on my webpage. I can click on it and it brings me to my login page but will not allow me to login with my information. i also have redirects to other pages I need to make sure are working. Is there any way to test this butto to make sure the redirects are going to the right places. I have not done redirects before.


Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


Virgil Cook

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Re: Is there any way to test my Buy Now button without purchasing my product?

There are basically two ways to test your item button code.  If the web site is live, you can have a friend or relative complete a purchase.   You can then do a full refund.   This will take you through the entire process.  Nothing beats on the job training.


The second option is to use PayPal's Sandbox.   The Sanbox is a self contained virtural world.  You can learn more about the Sandbox here.  Note, be sure to read the documentation "first" as this is the key to a successful experience.







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