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Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Shopping cart problems.

Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Shopping cart problems.

I'm developing a web site with the Paypal shopping cart system.  See it here:


The system works nicely with Google Chrome and Firefox, however Internet Explorer 7 & 8 are a DISASTER.  When you click the "Continue Shopping" button explorer pops a dialog asking" The webpage your are on is trying to close this window.  Do you want to close this window?" This is a major annoyance.


Also if the IE pop up blocker is turned off, IE spawns a new browser window to return to the web site.  Most of Bad Ship's customers are older retired NAVY and this behavior will annoy and confuse the #$!@#$@#@ out of them.


I've seen other discussion on the internet about this and there is a lame work around, but this will not work for me.  Anyone?????



I'm alking to Paypal customer service and this is a total mystery to them????!!?!?!  How can this be??


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Re: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Shopping cart problems.

First start by reading the Tip on this page titled:


 **  Continue Shopping Button not working, missing or requesting a new browser window.



Not all web browser's are created equal and how they interpret web site designs and HTML Forms can sometimes produce unexpected results.  However, you can easily resolve the issue.






Re: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Shopping cart problems.

Nope.  Been there done that.  Changed the target to every possible combination under the sun.


I need the shopping cart to pop up in its own window and then to CLEANLY disappear when the "continue shopping" button is clicked.


This would be using a target value of "paypal" or "_blank".  Again, the problem is that Internet explorer 7 & 8 freak out when the window is closed.  


It is very difficult for me to grasp why on earth paypal does not work out of the box with the most dominant web browser on earth.



Here is the Paypal response: 



Thank you for your question. The dialogue box you are referring to is a security preference in the Internet Explorer browser. This is the browser reporting this when a site tries to close a window, which in the case of the Continue Shopping button it precisely what it is trying to do. 

This issue is something related to the security preferences of the browser and not with the PayPal page itself.  



This is a cop out.  Paypal needs to figure out how to work with the most popular browser on earth.



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Re: Internet Explorer 7 & 8 Shopping cart problems.

The separate window tip has always worked for me and others that I've helped.   Actually all the tips work but, that's not up for debate.


Try this:

One tip to keep in mind, whenever you make changes to your item button code, especially while testing, it's very important to delete your web browser's cookies before testing any changes.  You delete the cookies, close the browser, reopen and then test.   You should do this each time, else you will have unexpected results.




As last resort, if you simply just can't get things work the way you want them, then it may be best to switch to a 3rd party shopping cart that uses the upload method.  Carts of this nature, do not open a PayPal Screen at all until the customer is finished and ready to check out.   Here's a mini-cart type application that functions in this manor, just as an example of how the upload method works.