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Green Dot Service Not Working

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Green Dot Service Not Working

I am trying to put more money in my paypal account instantly using green dot. The service says it is temprorarialy available. Anyone with same problem? 

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Re: Green Dot Service Not Working

I'm having the same problem. Did you find an answer???

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How to use Green Dot Money Pak to add money to PayPal

Note: I just added funds using a Money Pak I purchased an hour earlier. Please read the instructions I listed below to see if they resolve your issue.



1 - goto
2 - allow/enable cookies and javascript for before continuing
3 - click "Add Funds to PayPal"
4 - enter in money pak number from card or verification number if purchased at Walmart
5 - below, enter the characters you see shown
6 - click "Continue"
7 - amount available on your money pak card will be shown, click "Continue"
8 - transaction is completed, you will be shown details
9 - copy and paste all info (especially confirmation #) into a .txt file and save for reference, if needed

I ran into the same problem as many have posted and that is, using the Add Funds to PayPal link via the PayPal website. Do not use it. Go to the Money Pak website URL I gave, exactly as I gave it; ie, enter through the secure main page of the Money Pak website ( The page/link at PayPal just reloads after entering PayPal account information. Also, as instructed above, VERY important to enable cookies and javascript for

Firefox users: if you use a cookie handling addon such as CookieSafe or the like, enable cookies at least for session, do not use temporary permissions.

IE & Firefox users: if using InPrivate browsing or a Private Browsing Session, you must disable the feature and allow javascript & cookies for

If you use the page/link at PayPal and not the link on the main page at, it will not work and if you do not enable javascript & cookies for, it will not work.

I hope this helps PayPal Members.


Re: How to use Green Dot Money Pak to add money to PayPal

by  doing this did it get your limit lifted ?