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GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

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GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

Some months ago, I enrolled in PP's Buyer Credit to purchase a bigger ticket item.  Apparently GE Money was the finance comany behind it; every month when I logged into PP to make a payment on the account, it launched GE Money's site (where my bank account was already established), and my payment was made.


I still haven't gotten a notification for my next payment due, but was proactive enough to log in and see that I still have a few days before the due date.  I go to pay... there's no GE Money link now.  The credit account can only be paid through PayPal's site.  I go to add the correct bank account, the one GE Money had on file.  PP won't let me of course, because that account is set up to another PP user (my alternate account.)  So, I cannot make an online payment with my desired bank account because apparently GE Money is no longer in the picture, and PayPal is an inflexible piece of crap.  Alternative?  I can mail a payment.  A slight inconvenience, but okay.  Problem?  I don't have an actual credit card with an account number on it!  All PP or GEMoney has ever provided me with was the last four digits on their "online statements"!  No account number?  Can't mail a check and expect it to be applied.


I call PayPal, spend time jumping through their hoops, talk to two separate parties on horrible phonelines to apparently freakin' Asia through which I have to shout (while wishing THEY would shout so I could hear them.)  They refer me to GE Money... to more impossible-to-understand reps there, the second one telling me it's a technical glitch but no one knows when it can be fixed, and I can make my payment by phone.  Right.  I'm going to shout all my personal banking information into the phone?


Is this just a trap to make it impossible for me to pay on time so that they can jack up my interest rate to 30%?

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Re: GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

Thanks for posting your problem. I'm in the same boat, that's why I'm here. I like the convenience of PayPal and hope you're right & it's just a glitch in the system. I have 2 weeks yet before payment is due. Hope they get this cleared up, it works well for me.

PayPal Employee

Re: GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

Hi Everyone-


Because Buyer Credit is managed a bit differently, there is some different contact information for them.  You can see the prompts to follow as part of the flow below, even if you don't have an account number:


There are 2 ways you can contact the PayPal Credit Service Center for information about your PayPal Buyer Credit account. You can:

1. Call 866-571-3012 (Monday-Saturday 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Sunday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM PT)

2. Write to:

        PayPal Buyer Credit
        PO Box 981064
         El Paso, TX 79998-1064

Here are some tips for contacting the PayPal Credit Service Center:

  • When you call, you should press 1 for your PayPal Buyer Credit account.
  • If you don't have your Buyer Credit account number on hand, say "I don't have it," follow the prompts, and respond accordingly.
  • When contacting PayPal Credit Service by phone, we won't ask you for your PayPal password, email address, or any financial information you've registered to your PayPal account.





Re: GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

Because of the account access problems The paypal credit card posted one payment a day late and charged me $39 for a late fee. I called twice and they refused to correct it. Now I get my bill and because they posted one payment one day late one time they are now charging me 26.99% interest on the account. I am clancelling the card and paying it off and will never use paypal credit ever again.

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Re: GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

Thanks for your help, I was given all the wrong info by the GE Bank supervisor.  I called this number and I got a different response.  I really can not afford the 39.99 fee that I was charged and I was told I could not be helped.   Thanks again, without your info I would have had a long fight and maybe more fees.  I closed my account, and good riddance.

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Re: GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

I will also be closing my account with them.  I have a ballance and will have to find a way to transfer it.  They jacked up my interest rate +6% without any notification.  They say I could have opted out in the state of CA if I would have read the notice that was included on a prior statement, but I pay my bills online and never received a bill in the mail.  I have perfect payment history and credit.


It is against California law to apply interest rate increases to prior ballances. I will be reporting them to the BBB if I don't get resolve by writing:


Pay Pal/GEMB

PO Box 981064

El Paso, TX  79998


Supervisor Ms. Kinder (ID53289) was unwilling to validate any of my concerns.  I hope they enjoy paying thier lawyers 300 bucks an hour to save my $10 in unrefunded interest.


Re: GE Money/PayPal Buyer Credit

As I understand, Paypal changed their terms with GE a few months ago.  Paypal now handles all paypal buyer credit payment processing whereas in the past GE (the actual lender) handled the payments. 


The problem with this people who traditionally paid their buyer credit with their bank account are not limited if their account is linked to another account along with a slew other reasons all leading to you not being able to pay with a bank account.  Ge decided it would be easier to let paypal handle all payment processing but paypal thinks they can use their prior history or linked accounts to not let you pay buyer credit with an already linked bank account.


I believe this practice is borderline illegal and they will be hit with a lawsuit very quickly.  Ge is the lender I don't see how they can contract out who handles the payment processing (paypal now).  Even if they do, I don't see how paypal can impose their rules and reglations concerning linked bank accounts when it comes to solely paying off your GE buyer credit.  Many people don't understand what exactly GE did with paypal, all I know is paypal now solely processes the payments.  If a paypal rep reads this, let this be warning that you will eventually get sued because of this practice.   This new changes has caused thousands of people to not pay their bills on time as they're learning they can't pay it with their bank account.  Paypal claims if you mail the payment, it takes up to 7 business days for processing when it's received, this means you would have to mail it at least 2 weeks early to avoid a late fee.


I believe this transition was made with the intent of increasing revenue, it's a very dirty move they made in letting paypal handle ge payments and impose their prior rules regarding bank account use if it's been restricted in the past.  Paypal has no right to limit your payment options for a completely different lender (GE money bank) they will have to learn the hard way via yet another civil suit for unethical business practice.