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Fraudulent Seller Keeps Submitting Charges

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A few months ago I signed up with an interenet lead producig company called "Netquote Inc" later I find out that the company produces fake leads and sells them to multiple individuals and they charge their credit cards.


Once I found out about this company evil ways, I filed a report with where I noticed many other people have filed a similar report against that company.


I called Netquote and asked to cancel my account. The refused to accept my cancellation and submited a charge to my PayPal Debit card. Luckily my balance was below the amount of the charge and the charge did not go through, nonetheless Netquotes resubmitted the charge three more times at later dates.


Thanks to PayPal's lack of customer service and the fact that I do not have a Transaction ID, I can not contact PayPal, or at least I don't know how I can contact them to resolve this issue.


Any help deeply appreciated.


This is the e-mail I get from PayPal:



Unfortunately, your PayPal Debit Card payment didn't go through. Usually this is because there wasn't enough money in your PayPal account to complete the transaction.

Amount: $172.00 USD



Fraudulent Seller Keeps Submitting Charges

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If a company was trying to scam my PayPal debit card I would immediately login and go to profile then click debit card.  From that screen you can report a card lost or stolen as someone is attempting to use it against your will.  After it's closed simply request a new one and be done with the company.

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