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Ebay removed a listing... Sellers who've experienced this plz help!

So ebay just informed me that they removed a listing for coke rewards, I've sold them last year and never had a problem, however, unknown to me at the time I made my recent listing they are now considered "lottery"???


But... here's the problem... that was already paid for earlier today through PayPal. I have printed the label and I was on my way out the door to drop it in the mail box when I got this email. So does this mean that PayPal is going to refund the money too?


I pride myself in quick communication and sending stuff out immediately and I have 100% feedback, I just don't want to send out the item and then have PayPal automatically refund the person the money too. I sent the buyer an email at the end of the auction, provided them with the tracking number, and I just sent another email to the buyer forwarding the message I got from ebay about the item being removed, I have yet to hear back from them. But I would like to be able to answer questions they may have too, I'm linking a few of the topics I found from the buyers prospective in her next email.


So all in all I just need to know from someone if PayPal is going to yank the money out of my account although the shipping information is already available, and/or if I should hold on to the item for a couple of days and send it out on Monday since I ship Priority. I'm at a loss... someone plz help!!

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Re: Ebay removed a listing... Sellers who've experienced this plz help!

There is a chance that the buyer will file an INR on you for this.


Your best bet is to email the buyer and tell them that you're ready to ship.  Be honest why the listing was pulled - it was a violation of ebay listing rules that you weren't aware of.


If the buyer still wants to go ahead with the transaction, send the item, but I would suggest spending the money to send it with DC, just in case.

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