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Dispute resolved but still a negative balance on my account, why?


First time posting hoping to get some help.

I sold a watch on ebay, buyer paid, I sent the watch, the seller had issues with the watch, he sends it back and because I already made PP purchases, I didnt have enough to cover the buyers original payment, so I told the buyer I'll send a postal money order back to pay for his original purchase price and a second postal money order to cover his postage to send my watch back. Meanwhile he files a claim(on ebay too) on PP, PP took the amount off my balance. Im in the negative, I got the watch, the buyer got his money back and my balance is still negative. How to fix this problem?

- I had sent the photos of the money order to the dispute team.

- i recvd an email stating that the issue has been resolved.

-i called PP and I was told to resolve the issue pending at ebay,my call was transfered to ebay and spoke with a lady rep and resolved the issue, she said she'll close it.

I feel being defrauded here. Please help!!!

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Re: Dispute resolved but still a negative balance on my account, why?

At this point there is nothing you can do besides chalk this up as a learning experience.  Once you issued a refund outside of PayPal and the original transaction you pretty much backed yourself into a corner. 


Better luck next time.

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