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Credit Cards & Paypal

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Credit Cards & Paypal

Can someone tell me what description shows up on your credit card detail that is linked to my PayPal account?

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Re: Credit Cards & Paypal

Credit Card Statement Name

Each time one of your customers funds a payment with a credit card,
your Credit Card Statement Name will be displayed in the description
section on your customer's credit card statement.

Your Credit Card Statement Name will appear after "PAYPAL *"
(for example, PAYPAL *MYBIZNAME).

Include your Credit Card Statement Name to reduce chargebacks
and customer confusion.

The name can be up to 11 or 19 English and/or German characters long,
including spaces, and cannot contain special characters
(for example: &, #, _, and so on).

This name will be converted to ALL CAPS, and may be truncated by
some credit card processors.

You can find this information within your PayPal Account.
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