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Completed transaction, but no money?

New Community Member

Completed transaction, but no money?

My transaction says completed, I have allowed more than 7 days for it to be transaferred to  my bank account. Why isn't it showing up yet? I have been calling customer service and they've been hanging up, very unprofessional! I am very displeased!

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Re: Completed transaction, but no money?

Here's how things are supposed to work.




When you transfer funds from your PayPal Account to your bank account, you should receive a "completed" message in your Account Transaction History. The "completed" message means that PayPal has completed their end of the deal by transferring the funds to your bank. The next step is up to your bank as to how long it takes for it to show up in your account. Normally the time frame for US Banks is 3 to 4 "business days". Note some US Banks can take longer and "business days" do not include weekends or holidays. As for other countries, Canadian banks can take up to eight business days. UK banks can take up to nine working days and Australian banks can take seven to eight working days.


Unfortunately the Public Community Forum can't help with much more than an explanation as no one here can look at Accounts, only the Customer Service folks can do that.