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Claim against fraudulent seller closed automatically by Paypal

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I ordered 7 books and only received 2. The seller told me by email that the other 5 were sent in another shipment and he didn't have a track number for it but if I didn't receive them in one week he would refund me.

After one week I sent another email this time without answer. I opened a Paypal claim and the seller started acting as if he had never talked to me before. I had all the emails and even the package with the weight indicating 2 books.

I escalated it to Paypal and was automatically rejected. Customer Service told me there is nothing they can do in this case because it was not through Ebay even though I have all the proof myself.


This is outrageous. I was never informed about this during the claim. The whole claim process was just a facade. In the end I can open my website, join Paypal as a seller and start selling unexistent goods and Paypal will do nothing to protect or even warn buyers. If I had used my credit card instead, I am sure with all the proof I have, I would have gotten more attention.

With this kind of protection there may be thousand of fraudulent sellers out there hiding behind Paypal.

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