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Can you send check or moneyorder woth PayPal

I found software that I would like to buy. The only problem is, the company selling the software only sells through PayPal and Clickbank. I realize that PayPal is use to accept credit cards, but because of the situation I'm in right now, I'd prefer not to use them.


This leads me to my question, can I pay with a check or money order through PayPal?


If so, to what address would I send it to, and what other information would I have to include?


Thanks for all your help.

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skier Volunteer Advisor
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Re: Can you send check or moneyorder woth PayPal

Unfortunately not possible.    If you request a paper check, it is made out to "you" and there are no options or features for money orders.





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Re: Can you send check or moneyorder woth PayPal

Go to Walmart or another place that sells the MoneyPak cards. you can buy one and then add it to your Paypal account.

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Re: Can you send check or moneyorder woth PayPal

Yah, most software dealers use Clickbank to receive money. You need to leave some money in your Paypal account to make purchase.  The Pay Pal account can be linked to your checking account.  However, buying software through clickbank may be a one-way traffic-- money out only,  If you want a refund from clickbank, it will be mighty tough.  I feel the credit card issuers are more competent in handling dispute between buyer and seller.

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