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Can a buyer cancel payment?? Please help!

I sold an item on I sell lots of things on this site and I ONLY accept payments through paypal.

My buyers have always paid via credit card through paypal. Using a credit card makes the transaction INSTANTANEOUS.

This evening, I had a buyer pay with a CHECK through paypal. 

They want the item by Christmas.

My problem is... To guarantee shipment by Christmas, I'll have to USPS Express it early this week. However, the payment probably wont be confirmed until after I ship the item - and probably wont be confirmed until AFTER the buyer RECEIVES the item.

Do they have the ability to CANCEL payment? I mean... Before payment is confirmed, can they cancel? 

I'm worried that if I send their items before Christmas, that they will cancel payment after the item is received. Is that possible? Or does paypal not allow you to cancel once the confirmation processes has started?

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