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Buying products on "ioffer"?

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Buying products on "ioffer"?

I am looking at buying a computer on "ioffer" but have never used the site.  If I were to negotiate a sale and purchase a laptop form a seller, if I pay and never receive the item or the item comes in a condition that was not described, i.e. broken or different specs, can I get a refund by opening a dispute through paypal?  I only ask because, having used paypal for ebay, paypal says that if you use their service your full purchase price is covered.  I just don't want to pay for a computer through paypal, it never shows up, and have paypal say they don't honor transaction originating from that website.  Sorry for the convoluted question.


Re: Buying products on

for Non reciept of an item - PP will cover ebay and non ebay

but for item notexactly as decribed cases PP does not cover non ebay ones as far as I know.