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Bank Verify Problems


Bank Verify Problems

I added my bank account to paypal, didn't know/realize/notice that i had to verify it, i come back a few days later and my bank account is not added anymore, so i go to re - link my bank account and paypal says, "This bank has been disabled, please send us the two amounts we deposited into your account... Yadyyadyyadah " So  i check my online statement and there is no deposits at all from paypal. So i called them up, and all they said was that they can confirm they sent the deposits on Feb 6th, but i dont have them, what should i do? 



~ AaronR

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Bank Verify Problems

Try starting over, remove your bank account, wait a day and add the bank account again, then go through the verification process.   With PayPay, once you get out of sequence, it's just best to start over, else you end up with a mess.






Re: Bank Verify Problems

No, no...


Here's what happened in order...


I added my bank account, it worked for a few days, it randomly got UN-linked from my papal account(then the original post happened). So I have no bank account, and I can't even add my bank cause it got disabled. So no starting over, Papal was of no help, I called asking for help, all they said was..


" I can confirm that we sent the deposits on Feb. 6th"

"No, we can not resend the deposits"