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Hello Folks,

I see there is a lot problematic people/ buyers paypal accounts. there is also a lot of hacked paypal accounts.

I am sure I am not only one who need help catch that scammers and block them before they will buy from me and will lower my good standing paypal account history, every claim,unauthorized use or standerd refund count, and paypal calculate your creditibility basists on that factors, means nessesary is to avoid such buyers and safe money and time for more constructive ideas.

What do you folks think is it good idea to make this TOPIC as a black list to warn other paypal members against fradulent accounts ?

I am not sure also if this is legal to exposure to the public some "confidence" data such as names, address, email address and IP addresses.

If somone are familiar with the law and could help us, please reply to this post.

I have a banch of fraudulent accounts, or real accounts but problematic , which for example try to scam in numerouse way's or just buying and use items and then returns them before paypal's 45 days timeframe ends, or before 180 cradit company's timeframe ends , ETC ...... 


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