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Activation Problem


Activation Problem


I opened an account last year.Then because of several reasons i closed that account.After some time i opened another account.Then i realised that i wrote my surname wrong and i can't change my surname.So i closed that account too.

3-4 days ago i opened a new account.But i can't "link and confirm my debit or credit card".I get this error message


"Before you can add this credit card to another account, you must contact the PayPal Credit Card Team at .(paypal blocks the adress) A customer service representative will respond to your request shortly."


I send 4 messages but nobody is responding.


Finally i tried to reach my first account (it closed but "paypal doesn't say there is no account" ).I click lost password.It sent message to my first accounts e-mail adress.But the message didn't came...why?? is there someone who can help me?


Sorry for my english!!

PayPal Employee

Re: Activation Problem

Hi Ozan-


Have you checked your spam mailbox to see if the PayPal correspondence was sent there?  Some filters catch email from PayPal as commercial advertising even when it's relevant to your account concerns.


For future reference, it's generally much easier to work from an older PayPal account we help you recover than to try and create new accounts.  We limit some types of information to a single active PayPal account, so for each new account that's opened, you lose more information that could be added because it's tied up in another account. 


Keep me posted on if that correspondence was routed to a spam / junk mailbox.