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eCheque - how do I block

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eCheque - how do I block

Hi all, 


I have recently signed up to twickets to sell a couple of tickets and the website says I have to make sure I have "Pay with eCheque" option blocked otherwise I would not get paid. Upon following the on-screen instructions (Sellers Preferences > Getting paid and managing risk > Block Payments). I can't find the option to block "Pay with eCheque". There is an statement that says "Block Payments from users who:" but list no options to block (its just blank). Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: eCheque - how do I block

Hi Jphnguyen,
Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.
So sorry to hear this. Are you still experiencing issues? 
Please reach out to the specialist team via email, phone or through Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on our Facebook page at They'll be happy to run through this with you in detail and get to the bottom of the issue.


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Re: eCheque - how do I block

I had the same advice after registering on Twickets.

Being unable to find the option to block payments by eCheque, I contacted the PayPal helpline, and was advised that this option is only available to business accounts, and not personal accounts.

Twickets presumably advise this in an attempt to avoid delays between payment and postage of tickets, so be aware that there may be a delay which is outside your control.

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