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Payment send but not received by seller


Payment send but not received by seller

I sent a payment to an ebay seller (after receiving multiple error messages) but i never got a message on the ebay site saying i completed my transaction. But when i go to my email account i find a message in the inbox from paypal coming I completed my payment. But the seller says they did not receive my payment. I'm not sure but maybe i paid as a guest instead of logging into my paypal account during the transaction. Would that change anything? I've also contacted the seller about this and asked what we can do to resolve this and got, "I don't know what I can tell you. I haven't received the payment" I have a confirmation email and receipt number from paypal. PLEASE HELP!


Re: Payment send but not received by seller

Hi there solarblastaar,


I think you may need to contact our Customer Services and they will be able to sort the problems for you.


It may be down to the email address provided in the auction that has caused the problem. If there has been a mistake made by the buyer in the email then it could lead to cases like this.


Speaking with Customer Services should sort the problem for you.



New Community Member

Re: Payment send but not received by seller

I have paid for an ebay transaction via Paypal £79.99 and the seller says they have not received a payment or transaction in my ebay username. I have checked and I have a Paypal invoice and its on my list of purchased items in ebay. What can I do about this?


Re: Payment send but not received by seller

Hi there Jandomain,


Firstly, you should check the status of the transaction on your account. If you can see that the payment is showing a status of 'Completed', it would mean that the funds have been received on the receipients account. You should then provide the email address that the payment was sent to in an email to your seller so that they can check their PayPal account.


If they are still advising that they have not received the payment, the only option that you would have would be to open a dispute on the transaction through your account.


I hope this helps,