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How long does "payment under review" process take?

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Hi, I sold an item on ebay yesterday. The funds went through and almost immediately but I was then informed by paypal that the buyer's payment was under review.  Paypal's website says it will take about 24 hours to complete this review.


Does anyone know if these types of reviews" do actually take 24 hours to complete before they release the finds to me?


If it's likely to take several days I'm inclined to just refund the payment to the buyer, but then I have the hassle of trying to get my seller fees back from eBay.  ugh!!


Thanks in advance.


How long does "payment under review" process take?

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Your buyer has paid and its not their fault that they are subject to a random security review.


You can't file for your fees back as the buyer is not a non paying bidder and can prove they paid.


If you refund you may end up with neg feedback.


Normally the reviews are up to 48 hours but we have had bank holidays so may be a bit longer.

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How long does "payment under review" process take?


If the buyer does not have the money and the seller does not have the money.... The only theft is by PayPal.....

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