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Random payement

New Community Member

Random payement

In my bank statement i've got this on going payment of £4.02 (i know its not a lot) and its from payapl apparently, i dont remember purchasing anything with that amount, and when i looked on my paypal statements, i can't see it at all

Re: Random payement

Hi @Odai1,


Apologies for the delay. Firstly, if your payment was made from your bank account don't worry these payments show as a direct debit payments as they are charged through the mandate created when you confirmed the bank account. They are not necessarily an ongoing payment. Please click  on 'History' near the top of the page in your PayPal account & check any recent payments. Make sure and go back in dates, also click on 'details' next to all payments to see a breakdown of how they were funded. For example, if you have a small PayPal balance when making a payment the balance is used and only the remainder charged from your bank, this is where some confusion in the amounts may lie. All payments made from a bank transfer show as 'direct debit' payments. If you still don't recognise this payment please be sure to change your password and security questions and run a full scan for viruses on any device you currently use. Here is the best number to phone to have this looked into and reported 0800 358 7911. Once you verify your details by phone rest assured the relevant team will help you get to the bottom of this.