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Hi. I'm new to paypal and and a little apprehensive. Basically I'm in touch with a woman who wants to buy an expensive item from me, I'm wondering if it's trustworthy. I am asking a lot for said item. She says she is house bound so she is sending somebody to collect it. If She transfers the money over, and I give the person the item, can she claim I didn't and request the money back? How long will it take to transfer large sum of money from PayPal to my bank? I need to make sure I don't get scammed
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NEVER EVER accept paypal for items that are collected, you will have no paypal seller protection. Cash on collection ONLY or direct bank transfer before you release the item.


Secondly i suspect this is a typical paypal scam so read this  >>>



They encourage you to use paypal and often say they can't collect as they are housebound and are going to send a courier to collect.

You will get/got a "fake" email that looks as though it is from isn't.

It will say the buyer has paid won't have been paid.

If the item requires collection they will tell you that they will pay you extra and you must pay the agent via western union / moneygram BEFORE the funds are released to you.

They are not interested in the item, they just want the western union etc funds and you will never see money in your paypal balance.

They also threaten legal action...have a laugh at that one and ignore it as its rubbish.

Paypal NEVER tell you to send an item before the payment is showing in your paypal account.

Paypal NEVER expect you to use a rival money transfer service eg moneygram or western union.

Also their is no seller protection on paypal for any item that is collected.

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