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Different countries and not having a phone number?

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I am a UK citizen but now reside in Canada. I have set up a Canadian Paypal account but would also like to set up a UK paypal account but I have a blocker...


I no longer have a UK phone number so am unable to register for an account as you have to fill in that field when applying for a UK paypal account. I have still have a bank account in the UK and the address points to my Mum and Dads address. But I do not wish to use there phone number and neither when signing up would it work to have verification codes sent to a phone number that is not mine. 


I wanted to set up two accounts so I could send money between bank accounts easily, but it seems I would be unable to do this unless you suggest otherwise and how to do this.


Different countries and not having a phone number?


Hi JoBop,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about the difficulty you're having with this.


In general, we would advise opening an account in the country where you are normally resident. It would be possible for you to open a UK PayPal account in theory, but you would need to have a UK phone number in order to do so.


One way to get around this might be by having one of your parents open an account under their name - you could then transfer your money to them, and then have them send the money from their PayPal to the UK bank account in question. It would generally only be possible to add a bank in your own name to your PayPal account, so if your parents are unable to add your bank to their PayPal account, they can withdraw your funds to their own bank, and then send the money to you from there.


If you have any other questions at all, please let us know


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