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unfair practices and outrageous power abuse

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I am not asking people who works for Paypal to respond on my messages. I am talking about unfair practices that imprisoned my money, blocking my money out of my hands and out of requests. Paypal play with my money and make up obstacles, like do not send me debit cash card too. I complained to federal agency yesterday. I am sick of their abuse. Three days I warned them that I am going to complain and they did not respond. I wish they will get sanctions for their abuse. They even do not allow me to open a case on resolution option.


unfair practices and outrageous power abuse

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No one from paypal has replied to your 2 previous threads.

However 2 of us 'volunteers' have given up our time to respond with answers.

So please stop posting duplicate threads.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

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