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troubleshoot logging in from hacking issue to PayPal Account

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Hello, my name is Roger and I have trouble logging in my paypal account for some reason. When I enter my password I get an message from security I believe regarding a time and date, location that an unauthorized activity occured on my front page of Paypal. The security questions will not work also information about getting a pin number from paypal does not work either. I also had to call the agent at paypal and receive instructions of how to get rid of the annoying unauthorized message from security information of a hacking issue. When I called Paypal using the 800 number. The agent instruct me to renew my password, which I did and I still does not work. My last option is attaching my Drivers License photo to gain access to Paypal. To let you know I don't own my own computer. I use the public computer in the library. Can anyone in the PayPal community relate with my problem here and can give me a solution without judgeing my actions because I do not know what to do in this circumstance. Thank you for your time. You can leave your information at my email address anytime. Take care

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