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seller no longer registered on Ebay

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I have purchased 2 items from Ebay in the last 2 weeks and have been notified by Ebay that they are no longer registered ebay sellers. A totla of $60 plus dollars was used to purchased these items. I find it a carousel of round and round to the same page with PayPal and ebay to try to get some type of resolution without any result. Can anyone tell me how to reach a real person or is that impossibility to find some direction?


seller no longer registered on Ebay

PayPal Employee


We're sorry to hear things didn't go as planned. I have read your concern and we are here to help. When you pay with PayPal on any website,

PayPal Buyer Protection  covers you in case there is a problem. If an item doesn’t arrive or is significantly not as described, we will help you get a full refund.


I attached the steps on how you can file a dispute through us :  How do I get my money back for an item bought using PayPal?


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