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recipient what does he see

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 I don't want the recipient to see my personal details such as address or name. I will be sending through my wife's bank account.  What does the recipient see, and we don't want to open up a biz account.  I don't mind if he sees my name but my wife is extremely private. 


recipient what does he see


Hi, Carl111. Thanks for taking the time to post your question here on the PayPal Community Forum. Knowing what is displayed to a seller/recipient when you complete a purchase or send money is very important. PayPal limits the amount of information due to privacy concerns, but there is some information that needs to be provided.


In general, when a customer sends a payment or sends money, PayPal provides the seller/recipient with their name, email address, and shipping address (when a transaction involves goods that need to be shipped). PayPal will never give a seller/recipient information about the method of payment. Whether money is used from a PayPal account balance or from a bank account or a card, that's between you and PayPal.


For more information on PayPal's privacy policy, please log on to your account and click Privacy at the bottom of any page. I hope this is helpful. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!





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