hi i am trying to find out about a game i am playing its called word search puzzle at the moment i dont know wont to believe or not as this his the 2nd one and that went no where the one i am doing now was ok in the begining the levels went very quick as i went up thought the levels i was hoping that just maybe i might not be let down again because it fills as if paypal have just put its name to them i fill hurt because the money would of meant a lot because my husband 2 years ago became my career it was only £50 and i could of done somethink nice for but it loooks like this one his not going to happen as well i know i suffered from some memory lose i am so sorry for some reason it wont let me go pass money wise £46 i have tryed but i am new to all this but so can anyone help me please and help me see that its real and not false ,fake i dont know i wish i did 

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