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entrapment business strategy they say yes to find you out

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Why because the working class works the business class will lie to be rich or just to make a living.

Business tracking and reports can place real time marks in a chart. To invite tragedy to a families income, 

A elderly on fixed income a working person born in resource poor areas is targeted by business. the extra incomes

that start from an invented idea to progress the life of majority of humans is a natural growing process that life is always trying to work at, so it can live and with happiness and able help care and move away from hostile environments. by some cultures! Business is war. I sadly have to agree.

i like to tell business men - making lots of money does not make you a good business man.  there is a very old saying 

"I rather be broke then Lie"  if a I Q test could test on this theory the world could be perfect.  Heaven i could see it works on this system "perfect"

why Lie? So understand in business to win as the object, will create just a simple word and it violates policy. see policy is not law. to sell something illegal

is one thing. To be lead to the end of your means because you are told yes you can sell a cup that says 'my car can go 150 mph' and then be violated for selling the cup!- as if it where the physical action of selling tickets that  purchase you a street race in the fast and the furious and u will be breaking the law. So to sell you the DVD of fast and furious is fine there is all kinds of illegal activity being shown but its not being done live. So there are markets that are upcoming competitive and in business this is the fear from legal to the illegal market place that offsets the poor. so when business lies and declares we can not tell you why you are kicked off! remember what team they are on. Sure they give you enough rope to hang ur self.they are not going to share nor promote your new business, in fact they are for sure going to take you out. trick you, to find out what you are doing. why because they see what businesses are coming on strong. they were not supportive, missed the train, whatever their reason. for sure they need to stop you  and stop the new generation coming in. i have played on cyberspace since it started. no what team  you like! lying cheating to take peoples money! stay in the big hitters game of money foundation policy, watch as you get old and the bank always says oh its a mistake, as the chump change you to the poor house. or join them cheat too, is that what you want they cheat you so you cheat the next one. right you will never find time for life you will want to die. to have so much becomes so much weight only death can take the pain away. you like your hood to be well? everyone's happy , next door the old lady needs a roof! the bank? we all know what happens! if the bank gets that 2nd mortgage. So what do you do? we all fix her roof. you like Doctors that care? you better have a good friend you share real life with. real time with. you saved him in the war, does he bill you for his services? does he cut u up and your for the worst? no! why is that.  Because rich!!  in the real world, is caring, there is a real old saying " when man loses touch with nature his heart turns hard". so you tell me cybie1 loyal 22 years on paypal? ya!!I wont rub it in PP- but you know who won! welcome to my hood- laws change. you better wake up. game over baby. thank you for the 55k

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