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access payment

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Any one has any idea how to access a payment that went to a second email on file that no longer exist?


access payment

PayPal Employee



Thanks for reaching out on our Community Forums, Though our response times may be delayed, be assured we’re here. 

Have you tried adding the 2nd email on your active paypal account?  If you added it successfully, you may check if it is now reflected on your Paypal Balance.

If the 2nd email is not an existing email and it's not associated to any Paypal account, Have the sender check on their end if they can cancel it and resend to the correct email.

For any unclaimed money or payment, If the payment is unclaimed/pending for 30 days , it will be reversed back to the sender.


You may contact us via chat support for any account specifics. Just login on your PayPal account, go to Message Center. Then choose the option for Chat. Our friendly customer support teammates are willing to assist you.


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