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Withdraw error

New Community Member
Posted on
Im trying to withdraw my available balance in my account and everytime i will try to withdraw it. Its always error. Is paypal syatem is down?

Withdraw error

PayPal Employee

Hello @Lols1,


There are several factors why you are unable to withdraw money from your PayPal account. Could be a limitation placed on your account or you may need to go through a security check, so we can confirm your identity. Your debit card or bank account may not be eligible to process Instant Transfer or our security system may have detected unusual activity.

If the transfer to your bank account still doesn’t go through, try:
-Clearing your browser cache and cookies (if you are using a browser)
-Linking an eligible debit card and transferring money using this card.
-Linking a bank account and transferring money using this account. 

*Though multiple failed attempts may still trigger the internal security program, I may suggest to try doing the transaction maybe after a couple of days.


Hope this helps. Keep Safe!

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