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Why is Pay Pal give the run around about cash deposits?

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So today, I went to the local Dollar General at approx. 200pm,est. I walked to the kiosk,grabbed my cell,logged Pay pal,created a Pay Pal Cash barcode and handed the clerk 360$ usd . It was for the sole purpose of payment to someone for services. Its now 10:49pmest. Payment to my client,rejected, no reason given,only to contact customer service. I just spent the better part of 9 hours trying to gain ACCESS TO MY OWN PERSONALLY LOADED CASH!.I attempted to transfer to my Linked Pay Pal Prepaid...NOT ALLOWED!.Again, no explanation! Call after call dropped. Now, even with a message of call times only of 5 to 7 minutes, then are not EVEN ATTEMPTING TO RESOLVE! You cannot even open a claim! Pay pal, I am the father of a 4 year old trying to establish myself and get totally independent of the state(YOU) and their cronies. Why is Pay Pal not even attempting to produce a excuse? They are just robbing my money!


Why is Pay Pal give the run around about cash deposits?

I'm not personally experienced with loading cash like that into a PayPal account. Do you see a transaction in your PayPal account activity log that reflects the cash deposit? Do you see the balance in the account? What are the exact error message that are happening when you try to send a payment using your PayPal balance?

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