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Why does my withdrawal status show Complete but the money isn’t in my bank account?

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To whom it may concerned i have had uncleared transaction from my paypal account to my bank account since 24th of February 2020,after a hold on my account for more than 180 days and when the hold was lifted i was asked to move my money once in to my account and i did but up till this moment i have not yet received the money in my bank account I made a transfer of $10,695.33, from my paypal balance account in to my key bank account and up till this day .11 of April 2020. The money have not yet reflected in my account and i have made many attempts of several calls to paypal customer services on phone but unfortunately no positive response to my request so far. I here by urge who ever is in charge this transaction kindly resolve this issue for me asap as i needed this money to survive through this pandemic lock down. I have copied the transaction details to this message. February 24, 2020 Bank Account -negative $10,695.33 Transfer to Bank Transfer from PayPal Cash Plus balance Transaction ID 8B1737793F0378606 I will be looking forward to your swift response Best regards Jennifer
Transaction Date : 2/24/20
Amount : $10,695.33
Transaction ID : 8B1737793F0378606

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