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Where has my money gone!! poof vanished!!

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I sent 1000 UK pounds for a service in the UK, as per the picture the recipient should get 1000 UK pounds as per stated.... why is the recipient on both occasions short of 49.30 UK pounds - where is this nearly 100 pounds? Paypal this is dodgy - please explain to me as I'm clear on what I'm sending but what your depositing is very UNCLEAR and and a lie!!


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Where has my money gone!! poof vanished!!

Almost have the same issue, with less money though. Nonetheless, it's our mouney and we deserve answers. I purchased an item from Ebay on April 26th & the website crashed. The purchase didn't show up on my Ebay history so I decided to purchase it again. Almost immediately after the purchase was made, the seller cancelled the order. Both Paypal and my bank statement shows 2 purchases made & my Ebay purchase history shows only 1. I contacted the seller but got no response. I contacted Ebay and they said to contact PayPal. I've contacted my bank and they say it's PayPal or Ebay holding your money. Both my PayPal and bank statement show only 1 refund was given. I opened a case with PayPal and they closed it stating it wasn't authorized and refused to approve a refund. I've tried to appeal the decision but there is no option to do so. I've also tried to contact PayPal directly, but they say it's just my bank that's preventing my refund. Also, the mysterious 1st purchase on my PayPal summary gives me no mention on who the seller is, any detailed information or item inquiry; while the item that was refunded shows all of that information. Going on 2 weeks now and still no answers.

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