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Volunteer Lisa Keith-Lucas

New Community Member

Volunteer Lisa Keith-Lucas

Hello! I am a rank beginner and need help!


i am assisting the director of a non profit organization that has to travel for other reasons. My entire experience with PayPal is as a customer, not as a business. We have an online vendor application through our website for our yearly festival in April. He gave me a new fee schedule, and since the process is automated, I need to change these fees in PayPal. Can anyone direct me to a source of help? I am not even sure how to look at the account to see the old fees. There are only a few categories, but I must add a new category and fee structure as well as change the existing fee amounts. 


Any advice is welcome. 


Re: Volunteer Lisa Keith-Lucas

I'm unsure about that but I hope this reply will bump your post back up so someone can help you.