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Utter incompetence. How to reach a live person??!!


Utter incompetence. How to reach a live person??!!

4-15-20. How do I reach a live person at this unbelievably incompetent company? Almost all companies have people working from home that you can have a live conversation with. But with PayPal right now everything has to be done through they're email portal. And the people assisting are completely incompetent and unable to comprehend What the issue even is. I suspect PayPal may collapse because so many people are so frustrated with them right now. If anyone knows a way to reach a live agent please let me know!
PayPal Employee

Re: Utter incompetence. How to reach a live person??!!

It's good that you reached out to us regarding this matter. It's sad to know that you are in that situation right now. I understand how you fee. It's really a difficult time for each of us and I do apologise for the inconvenience. Due to the current Pandemic situation our experts handling calls are very limited, you can still try calling us but the wait time might be longer than expected. You can login to our website to try and check other option to get in touch with us. Here's how.
1 Log on to account
2. Click HELP at the top menu.
3.Scroll down and click CONTACT US.
4.Scroll down to click CHAT / EMAIL or other contact options.
Hope this helps. Stay safe my friend.

Re: Utter incompetence. How to reach a live person??!!

ML Gore-

Do you realize that when one tries to call PP there is a recording that says 'the customer service line is closed"? You are telling me that it IS possible to speak with a live agent when it is NOT possible! Have you not been informed by your own management about the fact PayPal does NOT have ANY live agents to speak with when MOST companies HAVE live agents in place???  I have been trying for OVER A MONTH now to have a conversation with an agent at PayPal. OVER A MONTH! It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach a live person.  On April 20th I recevied the message below from a PayPal employee. They state in step number 3 below to click the 'Call us" link after clicking the "Contact Us" link. Please LOOK at your own website - THERE IS NO CALL US LINK!! THERE IS NO PASSCODE!!! Even if there WAS a Call Us link and said passcode. WHAT WOULD I DO WITH IT??? Can you see how UTTERLY FRUSTRATING working with PayPal has become?? You people keep apologizing but you don't actually DO ANYTHING to help customers!!! Has Dan Schullman intentionally BLOCKED PP agents from talking with customers? WHY IS HE NOT STAFFING UP WITH LIVE AGENTS??? PayPal hadles financial transactions and is HARMING MANY PEOPLE because your company REFUSES TO SPEAK WITH CUSTOMERS!!! I have $250 that I sent to someone and they CANNOT access the money because they CANNOT retreive their password because they CANNOT communicate with PayPal! When my friend tries to reset her password after entering her correct email address she gets the error message below. THIS NEEDS TO BE RSOLVED SO SHE CAN ACCESS THE MONEY YET, LIKE ME , SHE CANNOT GET ANY ASSISTANCE FROM PAYPAL! This is NOT acceptable!!! Are YOU able to call me directly? Or are YOU able to at least reply directly to me via email, or even through THIS site so we can get some help???
Justin C

PayPal error message.jpg

"Before we can talk to you about your account, we’ll ask you for a one-time passcode to confirm that you’re the PayPal account owner.

Follow the steps below to get a randomly generated, 6-digit one-off passcode:

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Click Contact us near the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Call us near the bottom of the page.
  4. A one-time passcode will be displayed. It's valid for 10 minutes


New Community Member

Re: Utter incompetence. How to reach a live person??!!

Exactly! Since March 5th I’ve been trying to contact PayPal, without any luck! This is unacceptable, PayPal, you are a **bleep**, incompetent company!
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Re: Utter incompetence. How to reach a live person??!! This company suck

I collect my memberships from my Solano Realtist website and the funds are in the PayPal website.  They are on hold and I can not get them released to me.  The one membership I did get released, I can not get the website to send to my bank account or mail me a check.  I am utterly frustated and need funds to pay bills.  You can not reach anyone by phone or email.  Instant messaging is a joke. 

Need to find another provider to get fund transactions online.