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Unjustified Limitations


Unjustified Limitations

Shameless company , with no morals , were on lock down and spending day after day trying to contact somebody at Paypal regarding there unjustified account limitation. 

Spent months building a website and getting good reviews on Ebay to wake up 3 weeks ago to suddenly find my account limited, reason given because I reached a certain level of transactions they need verification of my business details.

All other reputable companies that I know of would notify you that they were going to be requesting the information and could it be provided by such n such a date ??.

The info was sent ID , LOA , Company Registration Docs etc etc, I received an email stating the limitation had been lifted, Log into my account to find the only form of identification they have bothered to verify after having all the info for over two weeks was my photo id and the limitations were still in place.

After days sat in front of the computer waiting for a response from there automated messaging service ( 6 hours on one occasion) I finally managed to speak to somebody and they told me it was due to items not being delivered ??.

I then spent days breaking down every transaction with id name status and tracking link to show every product I have sold was dispatched on time and sent fully tracked.

There even have funds on hold from a sale that was sent tracked and delivered 01/05/2020.

Since then I have not been able to speak to anyone or get an email response from Paypal.

I just my funds out of this account and I will forget Feebay and use an alternative Payment gateway for my website.

Yes I might loose a few sales not having the Paypal name on my checkout, but whats the point in getting a sale with them when you have to spend weeks struggling to get your Money.

And if i now have to join the ranks of the many struggling to get Paypal to small claims then so be it.

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Re: Unjustified Limitations

File a complaint against paypal its free and they will answer and probably refund u too. Do it trust me.